We like hearing compliments from others. So do you.

You are smart.” This is not only because you have chosen Mr. Post, but also you use it to stop phishing scam more often than others!

Once opening Mr. Post, you will notice the bouncing numbers up in the right corner. It tells how many points you’ve collected. And, once you hover over the number, you will learn how smart you are among all users.

There are a few ways to collect points.

  1. Open Mr. Post and let it scan suspicious emails – You will collect one point for one email, at most 10 points per day.
  2. Use Mr. Post for 5 days in a row – You will collect extra 10 points after meeting this goal.

More methods are on their way as we speak.

“What can I do with the points?” We know you’re going to ask this question. Every month, three uses with the highest points will be rewarded with gift cards.

Let’s rule out phishing scam!

Don’t be the next fraud victim. Install Mr. Post on Microsoft AppSource at zero cost!



[1] Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash