We treat privacy as our top priority.

This page servers as a summary of our policy in dealing with personal data received from users.

The installation of Cloud Inspector (hereafter “the product”) is viewed as users’ consent to authorizing the product to access certain information belonging to users. Details of accessed information are described on this page.

Service Inspection
The product needs to access information belonging to users in order to complete a security inspection. Information needed includes:

  1. URLs contained in logs in your Splunk servers.
  2. Source IP addresses contained in logs in your Splunk servers.
Specifically, URLs will be evaluated by our cloud services which are deployed in AWS US regions to receive rating score.

For users who do not want their information to be accessed, please go to Uninstallation section and follow the instructions to remove the product.

Please refer to the following document presented by Splunk. Manage app and add-on objects

Additional Information
Product pages on Splunkbase contains useful information. Users are advised to read through relevant information.

  • Under LICENSING section, users will find End User License Agreement for Third-Party Content.

Product page of Cloud Inspector can be found here.

If you have any additional questions pertinent to this topic, please email us.