We treat privacy as our top priority.

This page servers as a summary of our policy in dealing with personal data received from users.

The installation of Mr. Guard (hereafter “the product”) is viewed as users’ consent to authorizing the product to access certain information belonging to users. Details of accessed information are described on this page.

Snapshots Taking
The product needs to access information belonging to users in order to take snapshots of mailboxes. Information needed includes:

  1. Email address of current user.
  2. Folder structure of current mailbox.
  3. Folder names of current mailbox.
  4. Header information of emails in selected folders, including sender, recipients and email transmission information.
  5. Body of emails in selected folders, including content and attachments if any.

Information will be obtained once the authorization is granted by users.
Information will be accessed periodically in order to refresh snapshots.
Information is processed and turned into snapshots by computer programs only.
Snapshots are stored on users’ OneDrive storage. Mr. Guard never stores any of the information.
For users who do not want their information to be accessed, please go to Uninstallation section and follow the instructions to remove the product.

Please refer to the following document How to uninstall Mr. Guard?

Additional Information
Product pages on Microsoft Appsource contains useful information. Users are advised to read through relevant information.

  • Under Legal section, users will find License Agreement and Privacy Policy.
  • Under Add-in capabilities section, users can find what kind of information will be accessed.

Product page of Mr. Guard can be found here.

If you have any additional questions pertinent to this topic, please email us.