Sense Anomaly

Your emails are all you have. Your business, job and memory are all tightly knitted into those messages.

You treat them carefully – tagging, organizing into folders, lest losing them when needed.

Yet there are chances you will lose them, forever. Even you’re with a cloud solution.

Mr. Guard ensures every single one of your email remains as they were – when your mailbox is unfortunately under attack and scrambled.

Mr. Guard is not yet another backup tool. Mr. Guard offers real-time tampering detection with its proprietary algorithms.

You stay safe and assured with Mr. Guard.

Multiple-Layer Learning

Changes to emails are memorized by multiple leaning cores to recognize normal behavior and tampering.

Aggregated Data Digestion

The essence of data is extracted and restructured to keep minimum footprint.

Smart Recovery

Extra work is avoided by only restoring the tampered parts.