In the old days, criminals committed kidnap by taking someone away from you. It could happen to your family or friends. In order to bring them back safely, you will have to do whatever the bad guys asked you to do – pay a ransom.

The bad guys are still kidnapping around the world these days but in a different way. Criminals know, besides the loved ones, digital assets in your computer is equally vital. Then Ransomware came to existence.

In physical world, criminals get high chance to be caught when claiming the ransom. But the risk of earning dollars with Ransomware is pretty low. Today’s technology makes it a daunting task to trace where the cyber criminals are and who they are. Owning to the anonymity of the Internet, we virtually have no idea who is who when transferring fund over anonymous networks. The notorious WannaCry ransomware hurt many but shocked more. Many didn’t realize how valuable the data is until it’s locked.

“Is ransomware the only threat?” The answer is NO.

You have all your life on the Internet. Your family photo, files on cloud storage are all up there. If you are a user of Microsoft Office 365, emails with your business partners are also in the cloud.

“Is my data in the cloud far away from ransomware?” Unfortunately, the answer is again NO.

Ransomware against cloud, let’s call it Ransom Service, is targeting your data in the cloud. In one of blogs published by lanwork, a type of Ransom Service has been prototyped. By deceiving users to authorize the access to their online mailboxes, bad guys can encrypt the entire mailbox!

How to avoid such a disaster? As constantly advocated, prevention is the best protection.

Do you need to “Pay and pray”? You don’t have to if you’ve had Mr. Guard in place.

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Mr. Guard snapshots your original data and keep them in a safe place. When Ransom Service starts devastating your treasure, Mr. Guard will automatically restore your data from the snapshot.

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[1] Photo by Yousef Espanioly on Unsplash