Is your mobile constantly sending offensive and costly SMSs to international phone numbers?

Is the money quietly disappearing from your bank accounts?

If it happens, your phone is likely infected with this banking trojan, Faketoken.

What Faketoken can do

Faketoken is a notorious malware that will hijack Android devices and use phishing login screens to steal the victim’s banking information.

And it will send bulk of expensive SMS messages to foreign numbers, infecting other Android phones. These costly messages, also, are charged to the victim.

Everything starts from one click. If you accidentally click on one of these messages and download its links, you will run the risk of getting infected. At the beginning, this trojan will ask you for administrator rights to be the default SMS application. Then next, the malware will intercept confirmation code messages sent to your phone and generate fake logins and banking phishing pages to steal your credentials. What‘s worse, your online transactions will be activated secretly and your phone will constantly send offensive messages to foreign numbers until your money runs out.

How to protect against trojan malwares

  • Never ever open emails or SMS and click URL links sent from unknown senders, even from your friends or family.
  • If someone who normally posts photos on social media or sends them through instant messaging apps instead sends you a text message with a link, that’s a red flag. Don’t trust that.
  • When an app asks for permissions, don’t agree with them easily. Think carefully about what permissions these apps require, and why you need them.

Trojans evolve quickly and diversely. Many security experts are fighting with them unremittingly. But for most phone users, we may not be able to tell these crafty trojans as good as experts. Therefore, we need to install good security applications. Mr. Post, featuring AI technology and the experience of senior cybersecurity experts, is a good choice for you. Inspect your mails and warn you if it’s risky.

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