The question of “Can Mr. Post be used on my mobile phone?” never goes out of my inbox.

Road warriors, living in the world of mobile phone and tablet, get more chances to be exposed to attacks. The inbox of the phones are constantly filled up with business letters, unsolicited messages and more.

It’s a great challenge, on the tiny window of mobile app, to verify if a mail is intended to attack you.

Frankly, without clicking the link, I cannot tell if the mail is really from the partner I met this morning.

It doesn’t have to be that difficult.

Thanks to Office365 and Microsoft, Mr. Post is now available on mobile phones, both iOS and Android platform.

Following the instructions in this video, to install the mobile version of Mr. Post into Outlook mobile app.

Watch this video, to learn how to use Mr. Post in Outlook mobile app.

Enjoy the ride!

Don’t be the next fraud victim. Install Mr. Post on Microsoft AppSource at zero cost!



[1] Photo by Andy Beales on Unsplash