FaceApp steals your data?

FaceApp, an AI-based picture editing app, has been extremely popular recently. Have you tried making yourself look old with FaceApp? You might think nothing of loading the app and saying yes when it asked for permission to access your camera roll.

However, internet panic spread after a developer posted a single (now deleted) tweet, saying that FaceApp “immediately” uploaded his pictures without consent. People feared that the app was stealing their pictures and giving them to the Russian Government after the pictures were uploaded.

Reassuringly, FaceApp has said that it doesn’t share users’ data with third parties and that it will delete images from its servers within 48 hours from the upload data.

Social media and data privacy

Though the evidence to some extent consoles most of us. It does raise concerns over data privacy. We live in a culture where we want our privacy protected but meanwhile we voluntarily post our thoughts and experiences on social media, even share our personal information sometimes just for discounts.

Who has access to our data and what will they use our data for? We don’t know. The uncertainty does carry risks. For example, we can read news like “Facebook Left Hundreds of Millions of User Records Exposed on Publicly Visible Cloud Servers” almost every day.

Data breach and spear phishing

The dark side is, malicious actors are probably ecstatic about the data breach, because they can actually take advantage of the opportunity to deceive more victims. As we have mentioned before, they can use AI to design sophisticated social engineering schemes. Specifically, AI efficiently collects data of soft targets from social media and builds a smart profile of a manager or the like. The result is, victims will receive highly convincing spear-phishing emails, which can lead to further data leak and even financial loss.

Therefore, in this culture where your data might be exposed, you need help from experts to detect phishing emails more efficiently. Mr. Post is designed exactly for this purpose. Mr. Post can unveil scam and phishing. Now you can be less worried about data breach through social media.

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