Data bears more value than ever before. You understand this yet you don’t a clear idea what to do.

What kinds of protection should I adopt to keep files on my hard drive safe?” You ask yourself. “What about emails in my mailbox? They are the evidence of my work.

You can’t live without your data.

As we speak, the best way to keep files in good state is to place them into a file system with automated backup function. They are often called shadow copies or versions, in technical terms. A versioned file system means, at any time, you can revert any file to its previous state. This is so great that you don’t have to worry about accidental changes to files. You don’t even have to worry about ransomware anymore.

Good enough? Not really. You are not informed when undesired change is ongoing! That’s why Microsoft Office 365 team is working on a new feature called “mass delete notification“.

As reading out from the roadmap, Office 365 is bringing up a notification function when massive deletion is detected in Sharepoint and OneDrive, two major cloud file systems with support to file versions.

Yet, there is still NO way to sense the same tragedy happening in your Office365 cloud mailbox. You don’t even get notified when content of emails are being changed.

Mr. Guard was born to address this concern for you. Once installed, you will have a personalized assistant who keeps an eye on your mails. Changes to your mails are under watch. When massive change happens, Mr. Guard will immediately notify you in email and in its window. You then can determine whether or not this is something you are expecting.

Just one click, you bring all your emails back, no matter how they have been modified. To learn more, go ahead and complete Mr. Guard 101.

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