Not surprisingly, mobile has become the most popular reading environment for email. 43% of emails were opened on mobile devices in Dec. 2018.

Outlook Mobile for iOS and Android become top choice for email client.

The installation base of Outlook for Android in Google Play Store is 100,000,000+. It is rated as 4.3 stars out of 5, with 4 million reviews.

Outlook for iOS is rated as 4.7 stars out of 5, with over 1.1 million reviews. It’s also ranked the 5th in Apple’s App Store under productivity category.

However, phishing email (scam) are becoming more and more serious: Holiday Scam, Tax Scam, IT Scam, etc.

How to inspect email on Mobile Phone is a little hard to end users

Let Mr. Post help you. One click to visualize your email. It can easily tell you whether the email is safe or dangerous demonstrated by below video.

How to enable Mr. Post in Mobile Phone

You need to install Engage Version at current stage. The steps to install are very simple.

For Outlook Client:
  1. Click [Get Add-ins] Button in menu;
  2. Choose [My add-ins] in left side panel;
  3. Click [Add a custom add-in];
  4. Choose [Add from URL…];
  5. Click [OK] button to finish whole installation;
For Outlook Web:
  1. Open any email, then click […] button at top right corner.
  2. [Get Add-ins] Button is listed at the bottom of pop window, click it.
  3. Choose [My add-ins] in left side panel.
  4. Click [Add a custom add-in].
  5. Choose [Add from URL…].
  6. Click [OK] button to finish whole installation;
Once installed, you can use Mr. Post Engage Version in all platform: Outlook Client for Windows, MacOS, Web, Android and iOS.
Mr. Post – One click, see through the surface, you stay safe and assured.


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[2] Image by rawpixel from Pixabay