Emotion manipulation works for most people. When facing threats we lose our mind a bit and tender to take actions without second thought. That’s why, most of time, hackers implant entensive sense of urgency into phishing emails.

Those mails often say explicitly, you will be punished, for example, by closing your account or deleting your files, if you don’t take actions as required.

I will take you a tour, in the following example, to find out what the key indicators to a phishing email.

Usually, the name of the sender is a system administrator. In this example, the email has a strange sender name that is a combination of victim’s domain name and admin@account.com.

So this is the first indicator : sender is Administrator or Your Administrator. It’s someone who has the authority to force you to do something.

A special tone spreads over the email that something terrible will happen if you don’t follow the order. This email says (although it was written in Chinese) the deletion to the recipient’s servers has been approved and started. And this is the last chance to stop the deletion.

Sounds pretty scary. If the recipients happen to have such servers deployed, the instant reaction would just be “Don’t delete my servers!”. This is where the black magic works – you will lose something valuable.

Here comes the second indicator : certain kind of urgency is expressed in mail.

If this had been something really matters, you would have received a call for sure. Pick up the phone to call the sender and ask for confirmation.

When following the links in red and green, you will be led to a login page.

In this case, colobraro.eu is also a victim. The web site was taken by the hacker to implant the fake login page. If you access the web site directly from browser address bar, you will see “We will back online soon.

This fake login page tries to steal passwords of Symantec Mail Security product. This is rarely seen. Most of the phishing pages try to grab password for well-known public service provides like Microsoft, FedEx, banks etc.

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[1] Photo by Lukas from Pexels