Assume your company has deployed layers of security protection, from network defense to the email gateways with the most powerful scan engines inside.

Question: Is it still possible a phishing email goes through those protections and arrive at your email box?

The answer is YES. Though the protection is strong enough, attackers always try to use their intelligence to break the blockade and invade your personal space.

Sounds very tempting. How confident you are that the John next to you will NOT click one of the links?

Imagine what will happen if you just click any of the links ? You will be required to enter your account name and password to further process your quarantined messages. Then everything will go with the script. Your account name and password will be sent to someplace received by the attackers. Furthermore, your bank account, social account and other privacy info will be stolen by the attackers step by step until you will find out the loss someday later on.

Can you and your John resist such Email Scam? Experience it by yourselves. Mr. Post, the best free anti-phishing outlook add-in, provides a phishing simulation for your evaluation. After testing, you can know what the “real phishing” looks like and how well prepared you are for such scam.

Besides, Mr. Post also provides a real-time scanning on those spear-phishing with innovative ways. One clicked, the AI engine of Mr. Post will immediately spot the anomaly under the hood once it gets unfold. You and your John will stay away from the hook forever.

Mr. Post, the Ultimate Guard for Your Email. You can install it on Microsoft AppSource at zero cost!


[1] Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash