Since Google’s Go-playing AI (artificial intelligence) AlphaGo defeated the Go world champion Ke Jie in 2017, AI, intelligence demonstrated by machines, has drawn the world’s attention. ML (machine learning) meanwhile emerged as a branch of study within AI. ML, to put it simply, applies the principles of computer science and statistics to build statistical models. The development in AI has boosted major scientific breakthroughs and drastically changed the world.

Dark side: Application of AI in phishing

Despite its benefits, AI is playing a greater role in the evolution of Phishing, a typical way of cybercrime attacks. Once in the wrong hands, the AI technology could become an overwhelmingly destructive threat for cybersecurity.

How can malicious actors take advantage of AI in phishing? One example is the deployment of AI to devise sophisticated social engineering schemes to deceive victims into revealing their sensitive information. The process might roughly be as followed: a phisher designs an A.I. system to scour social media services to find soft targets at a specific company or a major social organization. By gathering data from such social media as LinkedIn and Twitter, AI begins to build “a smart profile” of a manager or the like. As a result, the victim can be targeted with highly convincing spear-phishing emails.

Therefore, AI-enabled spear phishing can achieve greater success if AI collects and compiles a sheer volume of data enough to mimic the truth. The stealing of confidential data will lead to huge losses, especially financial ones.

Fighting Fire with Fire: AI to the Rescue

Although it brings numerous new challenges and novel phishing maneuvers, AI will also help cybersecurity defenders combat phishing attacks more efficiently. AI, a godsend to IT security pros, has enabled them to detect phishing emails sooner, thus keeping your private data and assets more secure. Hackers are always trying to act normal since their purpose is to let victims believe what they see is true. But they end up standing out like the agents in Matrix if you know how to look for them.

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