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Mr. Guard 1012019-02-22T08:43:34+08:00

Welcome !

This is a short introduction about Mr. Guard. It’s designed to guide you through the settings and help you understand the elements on the UI.

When you open Mr. Guard for the first time, you will be welcomed by an authorization page.  Click the button and complete the process. Please visit “What’s authorization?” if you want to learn more.

Once done correctly, you will be led to the Document page. This page allows you choose the folders to be protected. See “What information is protected by Mr. Guard?” to learn details.

Compared with the folders in your outlook, you might notice certain folders have been excluded. Obviously, there is no valuable assets in Junk Mail or Deleted Items.

If you make any changes to folder structure in Outlook, remember to press Refresh button icon to update the view in Mr. Guard.

Mr. Guard will send you a weekly summary to brief what happened in the past week. That’s why you see the tip “Mr. Guard will send weekly reports to you.” on the bottom of the Document page.

In no circumstance will Mr. Guard send you a spam. It’s advised to set Mr. Guard as a safe sender in order not to miss critical notifications. Just follow the link “Set Mr. Guard as safe sender” to complete the configuration.

You can opt in receiving news letters from us. Occasionally, we will send out promotion letters and announcement. If you don’t like it, go back here at any time to clear the checkbox.

Don’t forget to choose at least one folder. Once you are done, please click Save. You will enter into the main UI.

The main UI is pretty neat and intuitive.

The top indicators tell you how many days you have been with Mr. Guard and the time to taking next snapshot. Visit “What’s Mr. Guard” to understand what a snapshot is.

Click the question icon on the main UI whenever you have questions. This icon brings you to the lading page of FAQ.

At the bottom, you will find a gear box.

Storage button on the left helps your understand the usage of you OneDrive storage. You may want to read “What will Mr. Guard do to my OneDrive storage?” to know more. And “How much space does Mr. Guard use?” has details on the settings on this page.

Document button on the right side leads you to the page you have met before – the Document page.
Please note, once you make changes on that page and return to the main UI, Mr. Guard will immediately take a snapshot to implement your changes. The indicator of time to next snapshot, therefore, will be reset to 5 minutes.

The Restore button is located in the center. Restore operation brings back the snapshot containing the latest information of your mailbox. Once clicked, a page indicating restoration process appears.

The whole process starts with “Prepare for restoration”. You can stay with the page until it’s closed automatically. Don’t worry if Mr. Guard is closed accidentally. The backend is still processing your restoration request. If restoration hasn’t been completed, the page will be kept on whenever you open Mr. Guard.

Here comes the biggest question – when should you hit the Restore button. The short answer is when you need to.

Mr. Guard will warn you by sending a mail with high importance to your mailbox when you need to take actions.

Or, when Mr. Guard is on, a warning window will pop up if it is the time to perform a restoration.

Optionally, you can click the sad face icon if you believe nothing bad ever happened. Mr. Guard will take this as a false positive and automatically inform us so we can improve the algorithm over time.

Alright, that’s all you need to know! We hope you enjoy the time with Mr. Guard.

How to ensure you receive email from us?2018-12-26T06:32:18+08:00


if you’re using Outlook2016 and above, please click here.

In the main window of Outlook, find the gear icon on the right.

Scroll down, find “Your app settings” and then click “Mail”. This brings up all settings related to “Mail”.

Find “Block or allow” item under “Accounts” menu.

Put into the edit box and then hit the plus sign.

Please do the same for and

Please DO NOT forget to save the change you just made!

That’s all you need to do.


if you’re using online version of Outlook, please click here.

Find Junk E-mail Options on Home tab.

Click Add… on Safe Senders tab.

Add, and into safe senders list.

That’s all you need to do.

What’s Mr. Guard?2018-11-27T09:47:00+08:00

Mr. Guard is designed to protect emails from being tampered by “Ransomware in the Cloud”.
Mr. Guard regularly takes snapshots of original emails in your mailbox. When massive changes to your mailbox happen, Mr. Guard can bring original copies back into your mailbox and restore your life back to normal.

What information is protected by Mr. Guard?2019-04-01T08:37:16+08:00

Emails in selected folders. Subfolders in selected folders will be protected by default. You can exclude certain folders by deselecting them.
Your can make selections in folder tree up to 4 levels down. In the example below, “L22(Protected)” is being protected while “L11” is not. Both “L11” and “My folders” are considered being protected partially.

Why do I receive emails from “”?2018-11-27T09:55:22+08:00

Whenever opening it, you will always see Mr. Guard’s status on the panel. While the panel is closed, Mr. Guard still works in the background. We let Mr. Guard report its status on a weekly basis, by a notification email.

When massive changes are detected, Mr. Guard will send out a mail right away to inform you so that actions can be taken to prevent further damage.

All emails from Mr. Guard are with the address of “”. Please follow the instructions here to set it as safe sender.

What will Mr. Guard do to my OneDrive storage?2018-11-26T06:40:16+08:00

OneDrive storage is used by Mr. Guard to store snapshots. This is the place where only you have access. The name of the folder used by Mr. Guard is “mrguard_bk” . Please leave it to Mr. Guard, don’t make any change to it.

How can I limit the space used by Mr. Guard?2018-11-26T06:39:22+08:00

You can change the size by opening Mr. Guard and visit Storage page. Type in a new size in “usable in total” field or move the slide of “max” to a new position.

What’s authorization?2019-02-22T08:17:10+08:00

Authorization is a way to show your consent, before Mr. Guard can access data.

On the first use, you will be prompted to complete the authorization.

You need to sign into your Microsoft account if you haven’t. Please input the email address from where you open Mr. Guard.

After signing in, click Accept to proceed.

It usually takes 10 to 20 seconds to complete the authorization.

Just in case, if you see this, please re-open Mr. Guard and try again.

How do I know if Mr. Guard is working properly?2018-11-26T06:38:06+08:00

When opening Mr. Guard, you will be welcomed by main panel. You can find the status on the top of the main panel. “n Days in action” represents the days that Mr. Guard has been protecting your mailbox.

Why does Mr. Guard show me a warning message?2018-11-27T09:15:14+08:00

Upon sensing abnormal changes to your mails, Mr. Guard will try to warn you by first sending warning emails. Upon receiving the warning email, you need to open Mr. Guard to follow its suggestions.

Please first refer to “How to find out suspicious add-ins?” to find the possible offenders. And then click Restore in the main UI of Mr. Guard to bring back your data.

If you have difficulties in finding the culprit, feel free to contact us at, we will assist you to remove the rogue add-ins.

How to find suspicious add-ins and apps?2018-11-27T09:15:53+08:00

Collectively, Office add-ins and web apps are called extensions. Extensions are customized pieces of code aiming to improve your experience and productivity.

There are more than one way that you could use to install extensions. You should always install extensions from trusted sources.

To review what extensions are in effect, please follow the instructions below.

For installed web apps, if you are using WEB-BASED ONLINE VERSION OF OUTLOOK,
(1) Click Profile
(2) Click My account.
(3) Click App Permissions. You will see installed web apps.

Click Details to understand the nature. If you don’t trust any of them, click Revoke to remove the permission.

For installed add-ins, if you are using WEB-BASED ONLINE VERSION OF OUTLOOK,
(1) Click Outlook in Office 365 App list.

(2) Click gear icon. Choose Manage add-ins in Settings menu.

(3) Click My add-ins. Review each add-in listed in Store add-ins, Admin-managed add-ins and Custom add-ins.

(4) Choose View details in pop-up menu.
(5) For any add-ins installed from Microsoft App Source. You will see a detailed introduction page.

If you don’t feel comfortable with any of them, click Remove to have them removed.

if you are using SOFTWARE VERSION OF OUTLOOK, access Manage Add-ins from File menu.

Once log into Office 365 portal, please follow above instructions to access App Permissions.

How much space does Mr. Guard use?2018-12-26T06:29:27+08:00

Please open Mr. Guard and visit Storage page. Storage page tells how your OneDrive storage is utilized.

The figure in grey indicates the size of the space occupied by other documents – the files uploaded by you.
The figure below is the preferred size that you allow Mr. Guard to use. The usage from Mr. Guard won’t go beyond this setting.

Type in a new value to reduce or increase the allowance for Mr. Guard. Alternatively, you can drag to reposition the slide to complete the setting.

Please note, when the specified allowance is smaller than the current size being used by Mr. Guard, a purge operation will be kicked off. Snapshots for emails came in earliest will be deleted in order to reduce the usage.

How does restoration work for me?2019-01-14T06:06:38+08:00

Restore takes clean snapshot back to you. However, there are a few factors may impact your experience with this function.

Right after initial set up, you may want to try Restore to see its effect. Depending on the total size of mails being protected, you won’t be able to see its effect immediately.

Why? Because Mr. Guard needs to complete at least one initial snapshot before restoration can work.

After hitting Restore, don’t feel frustrated if you see such a page.

This is to say Mr. Guard now is working on taking snapshots for protected folders. You will find the total number of the folders along with the number of completed folders. The elapsed time tells you how long Mr. Guard has been working on these jobs.

If that task takes too long and you want to know roughly how long you still have to wait, you can calculate the time by this formula :

approximate time (minutes) = total size of protected folders in GB * 12

Say you have total size of 5 GB, for the first time, Mr. Guard needs 60 minutes to complete the job.

Remember this is only for the first time. Any subsequent jobs only need a few minutes.

Once these snapshots are taken, Mr. Guard will continue with your restoration request. Progress is printed on the page likewise.

How to uninstall Mr. Guard?2018-12-19T09:18:33+08:00

Uninstallation procedure consists of 2 steps : revoking the authorization and uninstalling the add-in.

(1) Click your profile icon at the top-right corner of the main UI. Choose My Account.

(2) Find App Permission on the navigation bar on the left, click it. You will find Mr. Guard listed on the page.

(3) Click Revoke and the Ok

(1) Click File tab.

(2) Click Manage Add-ins. You will be led to the website of Office 365 to continue.

After log into Office 365,
(1) Highlight Mr. Guard in Manage add-ins list.
(2) Click “-“ button to remove Mr. Guard from installed add-ins.

Proceed to revoking permission.
(1) Click your profile icon at the top-right corner of the main UI of Office 365.

(2) Find App Permission on the navigation bar on the left, click it. You will find Mr. Guard listed on the page.

(3) Click Revoke and the Ok

Please note there is a chance you see Mr. Guard still listed there after Revoke has been clicked. This is because the backend of Office 365 needs extra time to have the status fully synched. In most cases, the latest status will be synchronized within 24 hours.

Join #mr-guard channel on Slack2018-12-27T09:13:19+08:00

If you’ve already had a Slack account, clicking the invitation link will directly bring you to #mr-guard channel on our workspace. If you’ve not got one, just follow the steps here. It’s a 5-min task.

Click the invitation link you see within Mr. Guard. You will be led to

Enter your email address. will send a mail to your mailbox to confirm you can be reached by the provided email address.

Shortly, you will see a confirmation letter like this in your mail box.

Click Confirm Email to continue.

Fill in the necessary information and click Next. On next page, click I Agree after reading User Terms of Service from

Click Skip For Now when you are asked to invite others.