Welcome !

This is a short introduction about Mr. Guard. It’s designed to guide you through the settings and help you understand the elements on the UI.

When you open Mr. Guard for the first time, you will be welcomed by an authorization page.  Click the button and complete the process. Please visit “What’s authorization?” if you want to learn more.

Once done correctly, you will be led to the Document page. This page allows you choose the folders to be protected. See “What information is protected by Mr. Guard?” to learn details.

Compared with the folders in your outlook, you might notice certain folders have been excluded. Obviously, there is no valuable assets in Junk Mail or Deleted Items.

If you make any changes to folder structure in Outlook, remember to press Refresh button icon to update the view in Mr. Guard.

Mr. Guard will send you a weekly summary to brief what happened in the past week. That’s why you see the tip “Mr. Guard will send weekly reports to you.” on the bottom of the Document page.

In no circumstance will Mr. Guard send you a spam. It’s advised to set Mr. Guard as a safe sender in order not to miss critical notifications. Just follow the link “Set Mr. Guard as safe sender” to complete the configuration.

You can opt in receiving news letters from us. Occasionally, we will send out promotion letters and announcement. If you don’t like it, go back here at any time to clear the checkbox.

Don’t forget to choose at least one folder. Once you are done, please click Save. You will enter into the main UI.

The main UI is pretty neat and intuitive.

The top indicators tell you how many days you have been with Mr. Guard and the time to taking next snapshot. Visit “What’s Mr. Guard” to understand what a snapshot is.

Click the question icon on the main UI whenever you have questions. This icon brings you to the lading page of FAQ.

At the bottom, you will find a gear box.

Storage button on the left helps your understand the usage of you OneDrive storage. You may want to read “What will Mr. Guard do to my OneDrive storage?” to know more. And “How much space does Mr. Guard use?” has details on the settings on this page.

Document button on the right side leads you to the page you have met before – the Document page.
Please note, once you make changes on that page and return to the main UI, Mr. Guard will immediately take a snapshot to implement your changes. The indicator of time to next snapshot, therefore, will be reset to 5 minutes.

The Restore button is located in the center. Restore operation brings back the snapshot containing the latest information of your mailbox. Once clicked, a page indicating restoration process appears.

The whole process starts with “Prepare for restoration”. You can stay with the page until it’s closed automatically. Don’t worry if Mr. Guard is closed accidentally. The backend is still processing your restoration request. If restoration hasn’t been completed, the page will be kept on whenever you open Mr. Guard.

Here comes the biggest question – when should you hit the Restore button. The short answer is when you need to.

Mr. Guard will warn you by sending a mail with high importance to your mailbox when you need to take actions.

Or, when Mr. Guard is on, a warning window will pop up if it is the time to perform a restoration.

Optionally, you can click the sad face icon if you believe nothing bad ever happened. Mr. Guard will take this as a false positive and automatically inform us so we can improve the algorithm over time.

Alright, that’s all you need to know! We hope you enjoy the time with Mr. Guard.