Restore takes clean snapshot back to you. However, there are a few factors may impact your experience with this function.

Right after initial set up, you may want to try Restore to see its effect. Depending on the total size of mails being protected, you won’t be able to see its effect immediately.

Why? Because Mr. Guard needs to complete at least one initial snapshot before restoration can work.

After hitting Restore, don’t feel frustrated if you see such a page.

This is to say Mr. Guard now is working on taking snapshots for protected folders. You will find the total number of the folders along with the number of completed folders. The elapsed time tells you how long Mr. Guard has been working on these jobs.

If that task takes too long and you want to know roughly how long you still have to wait, you can calculate the time by this formula :

approximate time (minutes) = total size of protected folders in GB * 12

Say you have total size of 5 GB, for the first time, Mr. Guard needs 60 minutes to complete the job.

Remember this is only for the first time. Any subsequent jobs only need a few minutes.

Once these snapshots are taken, Mr. Guard will continue with your restoration request. Progress is printed on the page likewise.