The Ultimate Guard for Your Email

The Internet has greatly changed the way we live and work.

Thanks to its convenience and prevalence, every business is using Internet-based technology to boost their business – websites are built to demonstrate its products and services to its prospects; emails are served as the primary and official means to negotiate and close deals.

Like other things in our lives, the Internet comes with its dark side – cyber attacks based on software vulnerability; identity theft; network penetration; identity phishing…you name it.

To many of the business owners and their employees, these strange terms seem to be far away. If they are told that these words are directly connected to financial loss, their faces will turn pale and become panic.

It, for sure, doesn’t fall to a common business person to identity whether or not an email is really from a known business partner or someone at C-level. Following the instructions or simply clicking a link in an email may have wrongly stepped into a trap.

The ultimate reason is common people do not know if an email can be trusted – It really comes from the claimed sender and under the will of the sender?

That’s where security experts come into play.

Information security experts help common people, with proper tools and methodologies, identify, disarm and furthermore neutralize threats against business.

We, the information security experts with over 30 years’ experience, are working on solutions to defeat every possible cyber threats against business.

Installation, configuration and interpretation to the result are the most common barriers for people to start with a new technology solution.

Easy to install, zero configuration, intuitive result are the core ideology of our DNA.

So you focus on your awesome business, we serve as the guard of your email.